Support for people with challenging health problems and for those who love them.

Created by River King,  author of the book 'Wrestling with the Angel'.

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When thinking about illness and getting better, what most people want is a cure, a return to how things were before. Unfortunately this does not always happen, and in such cases we are in need of healing, to move on towards an acceptance of the facts and to find new ways of being in the world. But this is not easily achieved. This is what I refer to as wrestling, struggling with an illness that feels totally overwhelming.

For me the Angel is a being of immense power, one that has our best interests at heart, even though we may not agree. It is through wrestling with this Angel, where there is no possibility of our winning, or of getting our own way, that ultimately we grow into something greater.

'Whoever wrestles with this Angel is strengthened and made great'.   (Rilke)

This may help to explain the page in my book where Amanda says, "Leukaemia has been my greatest teacher, I would not want to have lived without it."

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I hope the contents of this site are helpful and wish you well in your journey. Whether it is you with the illness or someone you love, you will both need to wrestle with it. You will both be affected, though in different ways.